K-Lite Qube USB Flasher

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K-Lite Qube USB Flasher


Complement your entire K-LITE dynamo system and be seen by others on the road with this super bright flasher unit.

USB powered kLite Qube FLASHING rear safety light

ULTRA low power drain, will not affect light or USB recharge use at same time

Anti- GLARE optics, rider directly sitting on your wheel is not blinded, but car at distance gets full blast

100% waterproof / Dunk proof

Compact and tiny size

Seat post or seat stay mouting

**USB powered** will plug direct to the kLite dynamo powered USB charger (use double USB lead if needed)

**Will not run from USB cache battery, UNLESS it has LOW power mode, as its so low power, Cache will just shutdown**

**will NOT work direct from dynamo hub, Qube must be USB powered.**

**will NOT auto start from some dynamo powered USB chargers**

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